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So, that last quiz inspired me.. Ehehehehehe.

What if your friends were the cast of D.N. Angel? by dark_is_the_sex
Your Dark Mousy would be:laurelan
Your Krad would be:miyavi_san
Your Daisuke Niwa would be:unlikely_duo
Your Satoshi Hikari/Hiwatari would be:bam2
Your With would be:aerislulu
Your Takeshi Saehara would be:slytherinblack
Your Towa-chan would be:peace_now
Your Emiko Niwa would be:eternal_cowboy_
Your Risa Harada would be:kuroi_kaitou
Your Riku Harada would be:fei_angeli_bei
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I'm trying to picture Laurel as Dark and it's just not happening, sorry...

Mae as Daisuke though, that somehow works way too well. heh

::Sweatdrops:: Yeah... I'm not picturing it either. x.x

But Mae.. Daisuke.. ::Nods:: LOL.
Takeshi? Takeshi? [rolls around laughing]